PowerBox Teleconverter S-BUS 2

PowerBox Teleconverter S-BUS 2

Brand: PowerBox™ Systems
Product Code: PB 5600
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PowerBox Teleconverter S-BUS 2 - Telemetry Adapter for S-BUS 2

The PowerBox Teleconverter provides a means of connecting any PowerBox with a telemetry output to a Futaba S-BUS2 telemetry system. All you have to do is register the Teleconverter at the transmitter, like a standard sensor.

The present version registers as the CURR-1678 current sensor and transmits the lower voltage and capacity of the two batteries enabling the user to set alarms at the transmitter to warn of a flat or faulty battery.  In the near future the Futaba transmitter software will support PowerBox Telemetry.  A free update for the Teleconverter will then be made available so that the full range of functions, including GPS data (in conjunction with the Royal SRS) can be exploited.

Technical Data:

  • Operating voltage - 4.0V - 9.0V
  • Current drain Power-on state - 18mA
  • Supported telemetry systems - S-BUS 2
  • Dimensions - 33 x 10 x 3 mm
  • Weight - 6g
  • Temperature range - -30°C to +75°C

Operating Instructions


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