Jet Central Dual Sequencer

Jet Central Dual Sequencer

Product Code: JC-Dual Sequencer
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Jet Central Dual Sequencer

Features independent gear and canopy sequencing as well as a programmable servo speed for canopy.

Selectable mode for different gear door combinations as well as delay for door function.

Switch position fail safe to prevent gear collapse when turning on the TX with the switch in the up position.

Low pressure fail safe for both pressure and voltage.

Plus many more features:

  • 4 languages (Spanish, English, French and German)
  • 4 pressure units (bar, kg/cm2, KPas, psi)
  • Independent Ger and canopy sequencer
  • Servo canopy speed programmable
  • Mode gear programmable
  • Delay between doors opening
  • Main door selectable (COMP1 or COMP2)
  • Wrong position start up fail-safe
  • Programmable pressure and voltage gear fail safe
  • 2 input channels (gear & canopy)
  • 5 servos outputs (gear, door 1, door 2, canopy, lock canopy)
  • 8 timers (5 for gear and 3 for canopy)
  • Automatic back light shutdown
  • Programmable (ATV) and servo reverse in all output channels
  • Automatic alarm visualization
  • Servos positioning visualization
  • Pressure and voltage visualization
  • Easy programming with LCD screen and four push buttons
    (+, -, OK, ESC)
  • Aluminium case with fixing holes
  • Low consumption
  • Width range voltage (5.5 v a 9.9 v)
  • Approximate dimensions: 9cm long, 4cm wide, 1.7cm tall

ISO 9000
International Standard of Quality
Company making a quality product.