Power Bus 824

Power Bus 824

Brand: Booma RC
Product Code: BRC-352
7 - 10 Days
Price: $164.00 USD

Advanced Radio Power Bus 824 - 8 Channel to 24 Servo Power Bus with Intelligent Battery Management System IBMS, no switch, 2 Ultra input connectors

Welcome to the Advanced Radio AR824 Power Bus distribution system.

We were approached by many RC pilots and asked if we could produce a high quality low cost Power Distribution system. We took a great deal of input from our advisors and came up what we see as a first in power distribution systems at an affordable price. Simple usability and style in design played important roles in the final product and we believe the specification is one of the best in the industry for its class. Many thanks to all our contributors.

Here are the details:

8 Inputs and 24 Outputs - The AR824 is a high quality power distribution system featuring 8 input channels and 24 output channels. Simply connect your receiver (up to 8 Channels) to the AR824 and you have immediate access to 24 fully buffered output channels capable of driving long cable lengths for up to 24 servos.

Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS) - AR824 also features our unique IBMS technology. With IBMS, dual receiver batteries are monitored 100% of the time and are balanced as they are used so you get the highest output power from both batteries all the time. IBMS monitors each battery with zero voltage drop so you get no parasite energy wasted in heat giving you the optimum power from your battery packs all the time. IBMS also features Battery Backup and fail safe. In the case of a battery failing it will be switched out of circuit and then the other battery takes over to bring your prized model home.

3 High Bright Blue Indicator LEDs -  The AR824 features 3 high bright blue LEDs to give clear feedback of regulated receiver power and battery performance. The LED mounted at the inputs shows 5volt receiver activity while the LEDS at the Battery connection end show the status of each battery usage. If a battery LED is glowing then the battery is supplying power.

Regulated Receiver Voltage - AR824 comes with a separate 2 amp 5 volt regulated input bus for the receiver power while the main Output Power Bus sees the full voltage of your selected batteries.

All Battery Chemistries - AR824 was designed to accommodate all types of servos from low voltage to today’s modern high voltage servos. The type of servos used depends on the selected battery chemistry. AR824 is suitable with all battery chemistries like (Nicd, NiMh, LiFe, Lion, LiPo). See battery details below.

Fail Safe Switching - AR824 comes ready to use with the optional Advanced Radio Pin Flag switch/remote LED pack. AR824 can also be used with any other mechanical or electronic switching system like our Intelliswitch, or Wallaby II switches.

Stylish Design - The stylish design of the AR824 allows you to mount your receiver either on the top plate of the AR824 or remotely elsewhere in your model.

Power Connectors - The AR824 comes standard with Ultra connectors.

100% Compatible with the Advanced Radio Intellimatch Automatic Servo Matching System.

Read on for the full list of features or Click Here to Download AR824 Instructions

AR824 Power Bus Features:

- 8 Input Channels & 24 output channels

- 2 x Independent Intelligent Battery Matching  System (IBMS).

- Dual LED indication for each battery.

- Recommended battery chemistry:  Life (2 cells), LiPo (2 cells), Lion (2 cells), NiCd(5cells), Nimh(5 cells).

- Maximum input voltage 10 volts.

- Minimum input voltage 5 volts.

- Max continuous current across 32 outputs:

    2 x 10 Amp (20 Amp),  

    2 x 15 Amp (30 Amp for 15 sec),

- Max instantaneous current 2 x 20 Amp.

- 5 volt 2amp regulator for Receiver supply.

- Weight 62 grams.

- Length 75 mm x width 64 mm x Height 17.3 mm


If you are building a scale model that uses multiple servos to control surfaces then consider adding our Intellimatch TM Automatic servo matching system to your Power Bus AR824.

Here are some examples:

Model Example 1 - 100cc Scale Aero Model:

2 Aileron Servos per aileron

1 Elevator Servo per elevator

2 Rudder servos

Suggested Power Bus Intellimatch Accessories

2 x IM22 = 1 x IM22 for Ailerons and 1 x IM22 for Elevators


Model Example 2 - 150cc Scale Aero Model:

3 Aileron Servos per aileron

2 Elevator Servo per elevator

3 Rudder servos

Suggested Power Bus Intellimatch Accessories:

1 x IM22 = 1 x IM22 for Elevators

2 x IM14 = for Ailerons

1 x IM14 = for Rudder


Model Example 3  - Large Jet:

2 Aileron Servos per aileron

2 Flap Servos

1 Elevator Servo per elevator

2 Rudder servos

Suggested Power Bus Intellimatch Accessories:

1 x IM22 = for right side Ailerons and Flaps

1 x IM22 = for left side Ailerons and Flaps

1 x IM22 = for Rudder

Click Here for more details on our Dual Channel  world first Intellimatch Automatic Servo Matching System.

Click Here for more details on our 4 Channel world first Intellimatch Automatic Servo Matching System.


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