LiFePo EXB External Balance

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The EXB version of DURALITE batteries does not have a circuit for balancing or low voltage warning. It relies on the charger to do the balancing when being charged.

LiFePo's are available in a 6.6 volt and a 9.9 volt EXB version.

We provide a ThunderPower / FlightPower balancing tap that will be common with most balance boards that come with the latest chargers.
NEW! We now provide JST-XH balance taps on all of our EXB batteries!

We also provide an extra test lead that can be used in conjunction with the balance tap as a charge lead if needed. This would eliminate the need to unplug the power lead.

We also have optional balance tap extensions for your convenience. (JST-XH)

The EXB packs are less expensive as they do not require the circuit.

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