Team Canada F3A Team Manager Dave Reaville is trying something a little different! A PC-21

Dave:  “I first saw this KMP kit back in 2010 and loved the look so much I just had to have one 🙂   I purchased it in early 2012 but due to my busy schedule, just recently got around to putting it all together. With numerous build threads of this kit available online, I followed many of the comments and construction upgrades
that had been done over the years to improve the original design. As this is an electric project, I made the canopy removable and also incorporated additional strengthening of the elevator system and other areas that required attention. The plane has a 71 inch wingspan, is almost 80 inched long and is powered by a Hacker A60 motor turning a 17.2″ five blade Ramoser Varioprop, Jetti ESC, Thunderpower Batteries, 2600mah Duralite LI-Ion Sentinel pack, Powerbox Digiswitch, Futaba RX & Servos and features air retracts and strobe/nav lights. I hope to have the maiden flight by the end of June and then fly it at our club’s annual charity airshow this summer.”

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