Robert Morrow – 1/3 scale H Model Arcus

“I thought I would send a couple pictures of my H Model Arcus. It is a 1/3 scale model that has a span of 6.6m. I have the Champion SRS installed using JR equipment

Robert Morrow's H Model Arcus - PowerBox Champion SRS setup
Robert Morrow’s H Model Arcus – PowerBox Champion SRS setup

with 4 DSMX satellite receivers for controlling all functions, which works beautifully. I am very impressed with this system and how flexible it is to program and meet the needs of just about any installation or configuration I could think of.

The Arcus uses a total of 16 servos for control: 4 flap servos, 4 aileron servos, 2 spoiler servos, 2 water ballast servos, 1 on rudder, 1 on elevator, 1 on main wheel retract, and finally 1 on tow release.  I have 2 of the Duralite Lithium Ion 5200mAh EXB batteries for power to the system and also use a Emcotec OCP on the retract servo to prevent overload should the retract stall for any reason.

The maiden flights were this summer in Delaware at the SKSS Great American Aerotow, about 30 or so flights over 4 days. I have since been flying it here in Connecticut where I live as well as recently in Vermont at the Green Mountain Thermal Corps SeptemberSoar just a couple weeks ago now.

Many thanks to PowerBox and Duralite Flight Systems for producing and making these systems available. It is very reassuring to have a system like this in place when flying sailplanes as large as these with the mass they have. Having redundant systems to help prevent possible system failures is of great importance as I like to reduce as many possible failure points in my aircraft as Robert Morrow's H Model Arcuspossible.”

Robert Morrow

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