PowerBox CORE – the new generation of pro-class radios

PowerBox CORE – the new generation of pro-class radios

The imminent arrival of the first radio control system from PowerBox Systems is causing great excitement. Here’s a summary of the latest information on the equipment expected to be released in the spring of 2018:


  • 26-channel radio control system
  • extremely secure against interference, genuine redundant 2.4 GHz transmission
  • extremely long range
  • redundant PowerBox power supply system
  • high-performance real-time telemetry
  • up to 800 telemetry values per second
  • open bus interface for servos and telemetry
  • aluminum stick units
  • hall sensors for sticks and slider controls
  • 20 transmitter controls + 2 optional stick switches
  • full-color screen with capacitive touch-screen
  • high-contrast screen, legible in sunlight
  • intuitive menu system with Smartkeys
  • integral GPS system
  • Linux PC system for every imaginable expansion

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