PowerBox PowerPak 2.5X3 PRO

PowerBox PowerPak 2.5X3 PRO

Brand: PowerBox™ Systems
Product Code: PB 2535
2 - 3 Days
Price: $119.00 USD

PowerPak 2.5X3 PRO

PowerBox-Systems offers you this pioneering, revolutionary design of Lithium-Ion battery for your receiver power supplies.

New energy for the best of models - with the new PowerPak range! The PowerPak series boasts a whole array of new and innovative features. Various versions of the PowerPak are available like 8.4 V packs for receiver power supplies, and a 12.6 V pack for turbine batteries.

The ECO version is fitted with an integral fully-featured balancer circuit and a charge socket. PowerPak ECO batteries can be charged using any suitable LiPo / Li-Ion charger.

The balancer circuit ensures that individual cells are not overcharged, as even Li-Ion cells are extremely vulnerable to this state. Unbalanced cells can drift apart in condition, leading to loss of capacity, and accurate balancing also effectively eliminates this danger.

Like all PowerBox Battery types, the PRO version features a fully integrated charge circuit and balancer unit. To charge these packs all you need is to connect the integral charge socket to a 110 V / 220 V mains PSU or a 12 V car adapter. Battery voltage, battery current and charge time are constantly monitored by the integral electronics, completely eliminating the possibility of operating errors.

The internal voltage monitor circuit indicates the battery's state of charge using the integral LED, or an external plug-in LED.

Every version of the PowerPak is fitted inside a robust case, and is supplied complete with a standardised mounting frame. This enables the modeller to swap batteries quickly, or simply shift the pack from one model to another.

For even greater flexibility, PowerPaks do not feature a fixed connecting lead. Instead each pack is supplied with a lead to suit JR / Futaba or MPX 'green' connectors.

All our battery packs are subject to a certified production process, including legally prescribed certification in accordance with UN38.3. It is therefore possible to ship these items.

If after a few years the cells in a PowerPak should become exhausted, we offer - as usual - an economic cell exchange which includes a check of the electronics.

The PRO version comes with a Battlife Guard (Order No. 2560/2561)



  • Integral charge / security electronics (PRO version)
  • Can be charged using mains PSU or 12 V adapter (PRO version)
  • Integral voltage monitor using external LED (PRO version)
  • Packs assembled using the latest generation of high-current Li-Ion batteries
  • Two different versions: ECO and PRO
  • Two different output voltages: 8.4 V and 12.6 V
  • For use as receiver power supplies or turbine batteries
  • Integral balancer
  • Integral charge socket
  • Rugged case protects cells from external influences
  • Packs are held securely in the standard mounting frame with quick-release latch
  • Batteries can remain in the model for charging
  • Easy, swift battery swapping
  • Economic cell exchange service

Technical Data:

  • Battery type       LiIon
  • Capacity               2500mAh
  • Nominal voltage               11.1V
  • Final charge voltage        12.6V
  • Charge voltage  10V - 17V
  • Weight 191g
  • Weight, mounting frame              8g
  • Temperature range, discharge   0°C to 60°C
  • Temperature range, charge         0°C to 40°C

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