A123 (Lithium Werks)

Step 2 → Choose Internal Balance (Sentinel) or External Balance (EXB)

  • A-123 (Lithium Werks) Lithium Ferro-Phosphate packs are available in either 2500mAh 6.6 volt 2s1p OR 5000mAh 6.6 volt 2s2p packs. (3-cell 9.9 volt packs also available in EXB version only)
  • Non-Flammable Chemistry
  • Discharge max 30c (thirty times capacity) and maximum charge recommended at 4c.
  • Rugged with great discharge capability.  Can be safely fast charged.  Long cycle life.
  • Built in pressure vent and thermo fuse in each cell for added protection.

Choose from either SENTINEL (Internal Balance) or EXB (External Balance):

Internal Balance (Sentinel)

The term SENTINEL identifies a battery that has the balance low voltage warning circuit built onto the pack. The SENTINEL replaces the older PLUS version. (click on Internal Balance below for more information)

External Balance (EXB)

The EXB version of DURALITE batteries does not have a circuit for balancing or low voltage warning. It relies on the charger to do the balancing when being charged. (click on External Balance below for more information)