Xicoy Digital weight and balance meter PRO

Xicoy Digital weight and balance meter PRO

Brand: Xicoy Electronica
Product Code: Xicoy CGMeterPRO
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Xicoy Digital weight and balance meter PRO 

3 pc of a high precision, 18 bit resolution, temperature compensated, digital output, weight sensor, featuring a resolution of 1 gram.

1 pc central computer, including an color touchscreen of high quality and sunlight readable, plus up to 100 models memory and slot for uSD card, used for data backup and software upgrade.

Does not need installation nor phone/computer/tablet software.  Just plug a battery between 5 and 9V.

See the video for more information of the use of this unit.

Instructions manual v 1.4M.

Software upgrade 1.4.

Capable for planes up tp 40Kg (90lb), tricycle or bicycle (warbirds). Up to 100kg planes also available.

Optional Angle Sensors Upgrade Kit availableOption includes: 

  • 3 pc of digital angle sensors, featuring a resolution of 0,1º.
  • 1 pc Memory card already programmed with upgrade software

Video - The Little Jet Company