PowerBox Premium MICRO Servo Leads

PowerBox Premium MICRO Servo Leads

Brand: PowerBox™ Systems
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Premium MICRO servo cable is light, robust and heat-resistant

The Premium™ MICRO servo cable is the thinner variant, with a conductor cross-section of only 0.06mm². The Premium™ MICRO cable is the perfect choice for micro- and mid-size servos, lighting systems and F3A applications. With a weight of just 2g per metre, it is perfect for all models where every gramme counts.

This insulation produces a weight reduction of about 30% compared with the conventional PVC.

The insulation is fire resistant, and its heat resistance is much higher than the usual PVC.


  • 0.06mm² cross section (AWG 30)
  • 30% weight saving
  • only 2g/m
  • fire resistant
  • robust isolation
  • employed in full-size aviation

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