Booma RC MultiPlug-4

Booma RC MultiPlug-4

Brand: Booma RC
Product Code: BRC-534/JR
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Price: $39.00 USD

MultiPlug-4 - Connect 4 servos with one plug.

2 sets (eg: Left and Right side). Each set connects up to 4 servos with one plug.

Building a large model with multiple servos? Need up to 4 servos connected with one plug? We present the new AR MulitPlug-4 set.  The AR MultiPlug-4 is an easy way to rid yourself of servo cable clutter. Easy setup at the field and remove the worry plugging servo leads in backwards or getting the connectors wrong.

Running high powered servos? These connectors use a common earth, meaning that they share power between all the servos. With all new copper PCB tracks, designed to supply extremely high current to your servos, including nickel/immersion gold plated connectors the MultiPlugs have been built tough and designed for easy building and setup.

Each premade set of multiconnectors comes with 2 set readymade. Just plug and play with your existing servo connectors.

Connect up to 4 servos with 1 plug. 2 sets pre-built and tested. (EG: left and Right side). 16 tails added, heatshrinked and tested. SAVES LOTS OF SOLDERING!

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