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Pin flag switch for your jet, switch the receiver, AUX and ECU batteries on/off with one pin flag.

Introducing the evolution of the Hidden switch. The designers over at Advanced Radio have taken the Hidden switch to the next level. With just one pin flag, you now have full control over 2 x receiver batteries with full battery sharing and redundancy, 1 x ECU battery and 1 x Auxiliary (Electric gear, lights etc).

The Q-Switch came into production after setting up a turbine with dual batteries for receiver and an added battery for electrics lights and retracts. We looked at all the cables and switches we needed to turn everything on and off and thought someone needs to design a switch that controls all batteries on/off function with a single switch.

We have included our ultra-bright LED to show you if the model is powered or unpowered. The Q-Switch comes with our proven battery sharing technology and battery redundancy technology built in. The Q-switch shares the power of your receiver batteries and supplies them to your receivers(s) giving you the best possible flight time for you model. The Q-switch can be used with a single receiver or dual receiver set up. Just plug in and you are ready to go fly.

With the minimal footprint of the Q-switch, it is designed to be mounted internally anywhere in your model. The intuitive plug and matching colored cables make the Q-Switch easy to setup and a color-coded key printed on the back of the Q-Switch means that you can trace which battery powers your receiver, ECU and Auxiliary.

Q-Switch uses the Advanced Radio perfect diode technology so it is 100% compatible as the master switch for any power expander system.


  • Ultra low foot print for the best scale looks.
  • Shared dual receiver or single receiver outputs.
  • ECU and AUX battery circuits are completely independent of the receiver batteries and controlled with a single pin flag.
  • Works with all battery chemistries. LiFe. LiPo, Lion, NiMh, NiCD. Battery voltage range can be from 2.5volts to 28 volts.
  • Capable of handling input voltages up to 28volts.
  • ECU is supplied with 16AWG wire as standard, for high current carry capacity.
  • Minimal external Footprint - All you see on the outside of your model is a 3mm pin flag socket and (if required) an ultra-high bright Blue LED. The pin flag controls the internal power switch and dual battery redundancy.
  • Full Dual Battery Redundancy for receiver batteries. - If one receiver battery fails the other battery takes full control.
  • Maximum Battery Power Balancing - In a dual battery system Q-Switch draws current proportionally from both batteries while moving both batteries to a complete load balance situation. This means you get the maximum capacity out of both batteries all the time.
  • 2 x 25 amp independent receiver circuits. Q-Switch is 4 x 25amp circuits into a high power matching battery redundancy circuit. Q-Switch actually uses 8 x 50 amp rated FET circuits for battery power matching. We passively rate Q-Switch at 25amps per circuit.
  • Input from Receiver battery – 2 x JR input connector (20AWG)
  • Output to Receiver  - 2 x JR output connector (20AWG)
  • Input from AUX battery – 1 x Ultra (Deans) input connector (18 AWG)
  • Output to AUX – 1 x Ultra (Deans) output connector (18 AWG)
  • Input from ECU battery – 1 x Ultra (Deans) input connector (16 AWG)

Option available in stock:  Output to ECU – 1 x MPX output connector (16 AWG) 


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