Booma RC Pin Flag Switch (XH connector)

Booma RC Pin Flag Switch (XH connector)

Brand: Booma RC
Product Code: BRC-241
In Stock
Price: $16.95 USD

Pin Flag Actuator with XH connector for Smart Bus RRS and ARXL, Smart Switch, Q-Switch, Multi Switch, Reg Switch and Smooth Flite

The AR Pin Flag switch is a ultra high quality fail safe switch designed for use with the Advanced Radio Smart range of products. 

PLEASE NOTE: Not compatible with Spektrum, Smart Fly or Smart Bus Extreme (JR connector)

This kit also comes with a High Bright Blue LED for easy day time visability.

Supplied with:

  • 1 x switch actuator
  • 1 x pin flag

The hole size is 5mm

Tags: Booma, RC, Pin, Flag, Switch, Actuator, XH

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