IM14 Intellimatch V2

IM14 Intellimatch V2

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Advanced Radio IM14 Intellimatch Version 2 - Single channel 4 servo Intelligent Servo Matching System

Intellimatch V2


Booma RC is pleased to announce the Intelli-MatchV2 system from Advanced Radio is now available. With all new and improved functionality and a load of extra features. Intelli-MatchV2 now has end-point and centre sub-trim matching as well as higher resolution steps, a faster and simpler set up phase. With the ability to match between 2, 3 and 4 servos. Servo matching on your new giant model has just become simple and easy. Extend the life of your servos and get rid of that annoying servo buzz with the world's first Intelli-Match system.

The Intellimatch Version 2 builds on the already world acclaimed Intellimatch system. In Version 2 we have added in the ability to subtrim center and endpoints so you can dial out mechanical differences between servos prior to running the Intellimatch. We have also added more enhanced matching and dynamic real time interpolation fro even better performance. The know more about the Intellimatch system please read on...

Welcome to the worlds first Automatic Intelligent Servo Matching System (ISMS) from our sister company Advanced Radio.
Intellimatch is the result of 2 years of research and development, is designed to take the worry out of servo matching and gives you the maximum power, smoothest response and increased life from your servos.

If you have built giant scale models before with multi servo control surfaces then I am sure you will be familiar with the process of manually matching the servos. You generally match servos on 2 end points and maybe a center point. Thats a total of only 3 matching points. There is no way 3 points will accurately match your servos. Also you have to adjust each servo until minimal buzz is heard or you might use an ammeter to minimise current draw. Throw that idea away...

With Intellimatch you say goodbye to traditional methods of servo matching. The Intellimatch system automatically matches servos on 100 points through the servo sweep range.  That is 100 points not just the traditional 2 or 3. Intellimatch further adds smoother operation by reading the closest 2 points from the servos current position and then interpolates between the 2 selected points to a resolution of 8192 steps. 8192 step resolution is the highest resolution available today. Another first for Booma RC and Advanced Radio!

The IM14 Intellimatch unit is designed to match 1 set of up to 4 servos. An example IM14 usage might be up to 4 rudder or ailerons servos

Please note: IM14 and IM22 are designed to work best with the Adavanced Radio Power Bus AR1232 (12 in 32 out) and AR824 (8 in 24 out).

Click here for more details about the AR1232 (12in 32ou) Power Bus System with Dual Intelligent Battery Management

Click here for more details about the AR824 (8in 24 out) Power Bus System with Dual Intelligent Battery Management.      

If you choose to use IM14 or IM22 with a standard receiver then your system MUST be able to supply sufficient power to operate multiple servos on a single channel. For information please send us an email to

Click Here to Download Intellimatch Instructions

Watch the youtube demo of the Intellimatch and AR Power Bus System - Video 1

Watch the youtube demo of the Intellimatch and AR Power Bus System - Video 2

Intellimatch IM14 Specifications

- 32 bit Processor for the highest speed and resolution in the industry.
- Automatic matching of up To 4 servos on a single channel.
- 100 matched point across the servo sweep range.
- 82 step real time interpolation between the 100 matched points.
- PWM resolution of up to 8200 steps.
- Dual LED indication for programming feedback.
- Recommended battery chemistry - Life (2 cells), LiPo (2 cells), Lion (2 cells), NiCd(5cells),Nimh(5 cells).
- Maximum input voltage 10 volts.
- Minimum input voltage 5 volts.
- Compatible with all receivers and Power Distribution systems
- Works with Advanced Radio AR1232 and AR824, Also compaitble with all other receiver and
Power Distribution systems.
- Dual fail safe arming with the supplied arming plug.
- On board Flash storage - 100 year data retention.  
- Weight is only 12 grams.
- Dimensions 49mm x 23mm (3.5 x 2.5 inches).