PowerBox Digi-Switch 5.9 volts

PowerBox Digi-Switch 5.9 volts

Brand: PowerBox™ Systems
Product Code: 804001 - 5.9v
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Price: $50.95 USD

PowerBox™ Digi-Switch

Light weight digital switch with built in 5.9 volt regulator. Will handle up to 5 amps load. External led will tell you the voltage of your DURALITE battery at a glance. Rugged fiberglass filled plastic case is virtually indestructible. Perfect for Pattern planes where weight is critical. Excellent for ignition applications
• Electronic switch, operated using a sensor button
• Linear IC-controlled voltage regulator
• Multi-colour LED for monitoring Li-Po battery voltage
• Low voltage detection
• Input voltage 8.40 Volts ( 2 Li- Po cells )
• Output voltage 5.90 Volts ( equates to charged 4-cell NC battery)



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